Phone use

Next, I moved on to looking at how I use my iPhone.

My iPhone home screen. (Those 30 notifications are from apps with updates for iOS 8. I'm not crazy, just busy.)

My iPhone home screen. (Those 30 notifications are from apps with updates for iOS 8. I’m not crazy, just busy.)

I decided to analyze my phone use by focusing on a single day. To track how often I use my phone, I took a screenshot each time I checked it.

Over a 17 hour period (8:00am-1:00am), I looked at my phone 55 times. That only comes out to just over 3 times per hour, so I was a bit surprised by that number. I feel like I might have used my phone a little bit less that day than I normally do because I was conscious the whole day about marking down each instance.

My most frequent usage times were right after I got up until my first class, and then between two classes in the afternoon. During those two periods I checked my phone about 6 times per hour, double the average for the day.

For the whole day, 30% of my phone uses were within 5 minutes of the previous one. (I’m definitely not surprised by this one. I’ll always check my phone for the time and put it away, only to realize I didn’t actually read the time.) The longest stretch of no phone use was an hour and a half in the evening.

Throughout the day I used 26 apps, ranging from Weather, Mail, Calendar, a few games, to multiple kinds of social media. This number seemed kind of high until I realized…I have almost a hundred apps. I generally think my media use is pretty tame, but I think I might have to look into that aspect of it. Ninety-six apps is probably a few dozen more than I actually need.

I wasn’t really expecting to learn much from this little exercise, but it’s definitely given me some things to consider.


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