Video capture

In an attempt to capture my media use in it’s “natural habitat” so to speak, I used Camtasia to record myself on the computer for about 20 minutes.

An accurate depiction.

A highly accurate depiction.

My computer was running about ten programs at once, as usual. My favorite feature of my current operating system, OS X Mavericks, is Mission Control. Basically it allows you to easily see all your open programs and windows at once with one quick gesture. Probably a good five minutes of my video capture was just me staring at Mission Control intermittently, trying to decide what else to do while some program or webpage was loading.

Mission Control in action.

Mission Control in action.

I noticed that anytime I had to wait more than 30 seconds for something to load I would quietly sigh and look at Mission Control until another item caught my eye. Once I even checked the WiFi connection while a webpage was loading. (Actually, I do this quite regularly. Sometimes my computer connects to the WiFi of the coffee shop across the street which is much slower than the internet in my apartment.)

Nothing else in the video really jumped out at me, but I did realize that I often move the cursor along the text of whatever I’m reading. I’m not sure if that’s the digital equivalent of tracing your finger along the words of a book, but it did strike me as a bit, well, primitive.


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