As a final method of documenting my media use, I did a video walkthrough of Twitter on my computer.

A standard tweet for me.

The first minute of my walkthrough is immediately indicative of my media consumption style. As soon as the camera turns on, I guiltily look at it and mention that while I was waiting for the program to load so I could do a Twitter walkthrough, I picked up my phone…and almost opened Twitter.

Most of the walkthrough is me babbling about who I follow and why as I scroll down my feed (I’ll spare you the video evidence). A few times I get sidetracked and open tweets or links in other tabs to read later or go back to. I even came across a tweet I mentioned in my Twitter blogpost on the COMM 200 class blog.

One of my recent, most retweeted tweets.

When I get to the bottom of the page, I blurt out this golden line: “Loading? C’mon Twitter, you’re better than this.” I’m such a patient soul, aren’t I? After waiting about a minute for the page to continue loading, I give up and scroll back to the top of the feed to check out brand new tweets. I then scroll down again and thus the cycle continues.

I’m a little embarrassed about how dreadfully impatient I am when it comes to webpages loading, but I’m also quite certain I’m far from the only one.


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