Revised Proposal

As my previous post explains, I have too much stuff. I’m constantly being flooded with information, and to be honest, at times it feels overwhelming.

I’ve decided to focus specifically on my phone use, and the way I use apps in particular.

I’ve gone through all 97 (I downloaded another one the other day—oops) of my apps, putting them in one of three categories:
1. used daily [25 apps]
2. used at least once a week or so [21 apps]
3. used less than once a month [51 apps]
These categorizations were made using my own observations and recollections of my usage and my field notes from the first part of this assignment.

For a 72 hour period I will observe my phone usage, noting which apps I use and how often.

I already know I check my phone a lot during the day, so I’m not so interested in recording that this time. I want to look at how often and for what purpose I’m using my apps.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my email (that I’ve just checked) to refresh it just once more to kill some time. That’s not productive in the least, but I think it’s pretty indicative of my general media usage.

This will be a test of how many apps I use and why.


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